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Characteristics: Milonga Weekend
Purpose(s) Social Dancing
Target group(s) Regionally Traveling Dancers, Local Dancers
Exclusivity open event
Role-Balance not role-balanced event
Event Duration 2-3 days; usually Friday to Sunday
Pre-Registration No Pre-Registration
Number of dancers
Entrance Fee from to

The most prominent Milonga Weekend is El Corte’s Chained Salon: basically it’s an event where multiple milongas (i.e. tango dance events with beginning and end, which means often different people, too) are aligned in a way that enables many dancing hours during a weekend; usually many more than regular milongas would offer in a city or region.

Milonga Weekends are open events: there is no required pre-registration, and thus there is no planned gender or role balance.

In some analogy, Buenos Aires could be called a Permanent Milonga Series.


The first milonga weekend we know of is El Corte's Chained Salon.

List of Directories with Milonga Weekends

List of Milonga Weekends

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Warsaw Tango Wave2021-01-01