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Welcome to TangoMeta! We are an initiative that strives to document all aspects of the tango experience into one comprehensive database. Our goal is not just to capture what tango looks like, but also how it is experienced by its protagonists. Here you'll find a great deal of information about the “meta level” of tango and how it connects people from around the world through their projects and shared experiences. This wiki provides links to primary sources for further exploration as well as plenty of content in its own right - but we need your help too! If you'd like, create an account and add more content or improve existing entries; any contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Getting started

It's really in the early days, and you should start interacting with it via:

Places to start browsing

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

What are good topics to add?

  • Anything where reaching a good level of coverage is doable. This means, don't start to build a perfect database of every video on YouTube, or a list of every tango recording ever made.
  • Start small, and build from there.

Want to know more?

Why a wiki for tango?

  • During the “map” project we realized that there is so much that is part of the tango world, which is never captured or linked together.
  • A lot of existing resources are unknown, and should be linked to from here. It is time to bring all knowledge together to help others not start from scratch.
Why not use existing wikis?
  • Wikipedia Will only allow for encyclopedic knowledge
  • is mostly a database for tango music information
  • seems to be a dead (or not yet alive) project. If it takes off, we might want to merge into it, share some knowledge/data, or maybe not. In any case: it is also based on Semantic Mediawiki, and a merger could be simple.

Where can I learn more about the base ideas built into the wiki?

Learning more