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Characteristics: Festival
Purpose(s) Social Dancing, Learning, Watching a performance, Dancing to live music
Target group(s) Internationally Traveling Dancers, Regionally Traveling Dancers, Local Dancers
Exclusivity open event
Role-Balance not role-balanced event
Event Duration 3 days; usually Friday to Sunday
Pre-Registration Pre-Registration optional
Number of dancers 300 dancers150 couple <br />
Entrance Fee from to

Festivals are usually big events that focus around celebrating tango with live music, shows of multiple maestros – as well as focusing on learning the tango in workshops by these maestros. There usually are night-time milongas where the shows and live music take place, and these milongas are more formal and “up dressed” in character.

In recent years many festivals have expanded to also have afternoon tango cafés, as well as “afterparties” to accommodate those who are coming more for the dancing and less for the maestros. In general, these cafés and afterparties are less formal than the “grand milongas”.

List of Directories with Festivals

 Started inHas website
Tango Argentino Onlinehttps://www.tango-argentino-online.com

List of Festivals