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Characteristics: Encuentro
Purpose(s) Social Dancing
Target group(s) Internationally Traveling Dancers, Regionally Traveling Dancers
Target group(s) Advanced Level Dancers, Medium Level Dancers
Exclusivity closed event
Role-Balance role-balanced event
Event Duration 3 days; usually Friday to Sunday
Pre-Registration Pre-Registration mandatory
Number of dancers 150 dancers75 couple <br />
Entrance Fee from 50 €50 EUR <br /> to 100 €100 EUR <br />
Food included? Snacks
Drinks included Non-alcoholic

Encuentros are usually events from Friday night to Sunday afternoon with many hours of dancing (but there is usually a few hours of break so everyone can have a chance to eat or sleep). Usually, there are no workshops, no shows, nor live music. Instead, multiple DJs are invited to provide excellent music selections to the dancers. Some Encuentros have a small demo by usually one or to couples.

Encuentros are closed events with a guest list that aims to be equal in followers and leaders; some say a quota of up to 4% more leaders works best.

Many Encuentros aim at internationally traveling dancers of a high level who are coming to dance well, much, and meet their friends. Often these Encuentros are “dance-only packages”, with drinks and maybe snacks included in one fee.



The first Encuentros were inspired by the Festivalito con Amigos, which started out as a traditional festivalito, but more and more developed into what is today a prototype Encuentro.

List of Directories with Encuentros

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European Encuentro Calendarhttps://www.tango-international.eu/
Tango Marathon Directory2011-01-01https://www.tangomarathons.com

List of Encuentros

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