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There are different types of events in tango.These event types can be described using different characteristics:

  • Number of purposes: just one, or many?
  • Purpose of the event: Dancing, Learning, Concert, ...
  • Exclusivity: Open events, closed events
  • Duration: hours, days, weeks
  • Size: How many people usually attend? These are just ballpark numbers
Event Type Purpose Exclusivity Duration Size
Practica Learning Open Hours 4-30 dancers
Workshop Weekend Learning Closed Days 5-30 couples
Festivalito Dancing, Learning, Performance Open Days 50-150 people
Festival Dancing, Learning, Performance, Concert Open Days 200+ people
Milonga Dancing Open Hours 50-200
Milonga Weekend Dancing Open Days 50-200
Marathon Dancing Closed Days 180-300
Encuentro Dancing Closed Days 150-250
Tango Camp Dancing, Learning Closed Week 200
Tango Holiday Dancing, Learning Closed Week a few couples